DI Bernhard König


First name(s) / Surname(s) Bernhard König

E-mail bernhard.koenig@green4cities.com

CEO, Architect and Landscape architect

Bernhard König is architect, landscape architect and climate designer. He is managing partner (CEO) at Green4Cities GmbH and member of Breathe Earth Collective. Bernhard studied architecture, urbanism and landscape design in Weimar, Oxford and Zurüch and worked on urban scale architecture projects, like St.-Jakob-Park in Basel with Herzog&deMeuron architects as well as landscape projects before becoming a resaercher. For more than 9 years Bernhard has been researching social, technical, climatic and ecosystemic issues of urban landscapes whilst being responsible for landscsape-based test-bed projects like the Austrian Pavilion “breathe.austria” at Expo2015 in Milan. Bernhard is registered landscape architect and consulting engineer.