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Project in progress:

11/2014 – 10/2016



The drainage of rain water in public spaces is becoming an increasing challenge for settlement areas. Increasingly frequent heavy rainfall events lead to surface flooding in expanding settlement areas and damage to private and public property. The adaptation of the entire drainage system – from sewer grates over pipe cross-sections, pumping stations, treatment plants and retention systems to the impacts of current and future weather conditions represent an enormous burden of cost for municipalities.

An economically attractive and ecologically valuable alternative are DrainGardens, planted with perennial vegetation or shrubs and specific substrates. DrainGardens help retain rain water locally and deliver it purified to the groundwater. This corresponds also to the objectives of the EU Commission. The plants evaporate the stored water gradually and improve the microclimate.


Future Steps:

The Green4Cities GmbH will support the advancement of this technology.



List of Partners

Zenebio GbR www.gartenrat.com

Gartengestaltung Rath

Gartengestaltung Seidl

DOLOMIT Eberstein Neuper Gmbh www.halditt.at

Europerl Stauss Perlit Werke www.europerl.at

Lias Österreich GesmbH www.liapor.at

Ökotechna Entsorgungs- und Umwelttechnik GmbH www.oekotechna.at

ZELENY INFRASTRUKTURPLANUNG Landschaftsarchitektur www.zeleny-zt.at