A Green Wall Guideline for Vienna, Austria

Project completed:

02/2012 –  02/2013

Project Content:

Patrick Blanc, new building integrated greening systems, 100-years old climbers on historical buildings- the spectrum of green facade technologies in a Eorpean City like Vienna is colourful, public interest correspondingly strong. In this project, the first European Guideline including Living Walls was created, it is available for free, public download.

The guideline contains performance and effects in relation to Green Walls, indicating vegetation engineering and technical approaches for planning and implementing. Center of theguideline is the so called Green Wall systematics, that cathegorises different kinds of systems and their effects and construction, comparing them to spant species and construction facade types. The guideline is finalized by a checklist for users and various Best Practice Examples. In February 2013, the guideline was published on the Green Wall Conference „GRÜNgeWANDt 2.0“.

Future steps:

New systems, further developments, rapidly advancing Technologies are branding the emerging Green Wall Market. In 2014, first steps leading to more sustainable, ecological and economical optimisation can be traced. According to Science,  Green Walls can provide valuable feeding and habitat funcaions for urban biotope fauna. This new development should be taken into account editing guidelines.



Partners (3):

Eco Buy Vienna and Municipality Department 22 (Environmental protection)



Institute of Soil- and Bioengineering, University of Life Sciences Vienna, IBLB, Boku Wien


Verband für Bauwerksbegrünung Österreich


Project Pictures: