Green Office – LEED Platinum Certificate for Biodiverse Green Roofs

Project completed:

01/2013 –  10/2013


Project Content:


This project created Implementation concepts for semi-intensive and intensive Green Roofs in order to reach Platinum Leed sertification for Investor Skanska´s „Green Office“ Building in Budapest, Hungary. „Green Office“ contains Green Roofs on 3 different Levels: on Gound level in form of an intensive Garden for the Office Staff members and visitors, on the first level a semi-intensive Bird habitat and on top level a semi extensive biodiverse Green Roof, embracing the top offices from all expositions.

Deep Forest Kft. and the Experts of Green4Cities developed a new model approach supporting habitats, creating various structural settings from stone, corten steele, dead woodlogs, beehotels and demand-orientated irrigation. New substrate mixes and extensive pland species and greening methods supported an ecological approach. The ecological building supervision could handle the process of implementation very well- the building was certified, more awards followed. Today, a communication strategy explains the concept to tenants and visitors.









Skanska www.skanska.com

Deep Forest Kft. www.deepforest.hu

Vera Enzi www.green4cities.com


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