EUROGATE II | Vienna is getting a microclimatic aligned district for 1,900 flats

Image above: EUROGATE II (Green4Cities Ltd.)

Images left: Urban Development Competition EUROGATE II | Preliminary Check Microclimate (Green4Cities)

Localization (1st image left) (next-pm ZT Ltd.)

ENVI_met Model Architecture (2nd image left) (ENVI_met Ltd.)

Visualization Winner Draft EUROGATE II (4th image left) (SUPERBLOCK ZT Ltd.)


Project content:


At the historical <<Aspanggründe>>, near to Vienna’s central station, a microclimatic aligned district for thousand of people will rise up in the next years. Within the scope of an urban development idea competition the masterplan of SUPERBLOCK ZT Ltd. was elected by an expert panel as the winner of the EUROGATE II area.

Through the application of the innovative GREENpass® Technology it was possible to consider the microclimatic impacts of the drafts to the area in sufficient time into the urban development process, to have a high life quality for the prospective residents.


EUROGATE II is one of the most important urban development areas in Vienna’s inner-city


Urban Development Competition

A two-stage, pan-European architecture competition for the master planning of the app. 11 ha large inner-city area close-by the <<Landstraßer Gürtel>> was awarded by the ARE (Austrian Real Estate) Development, the Wohnfonds Wien and the City of Vienna together.

The draft of the Viennese Architecture Office SUPERBLOCK ZT Ltd. comes out as the winner of the competition.


Preliminary Check Microclimate | GREENpass® Technology

The competition proceeding, curated by next-pm ZT Ltd., comprised a microclimatic preliminary check by using the GREENpass® Technology in the frame of a GP City Pre Assessment, commissioned by the Vienna Ombuds Office for Environmental Protection (WUA).

The GREENpass® Technology serves on the competition level as decision support for the jury, regarding the microclimatic performance of the submitted concepts.


The GP City Pre Assessment contains:

  • 24 h ENVI_met microclimate simulation with generalized surfaces on a heat day
  • Visualization of the area ratio with thermophysiological stress (PET = felt temperature) on day and night (microclimate)
  • Visualization wind field
  • Visualization air temperature
  • Visualization in- and out streaming (mesoclimate)
  • Scoring and ranking of the draft version regarding microclimate
  • Lyrically recommendation of the draft version


For the urban energy household the optimization of every single building, regarding microclimate, is high-priority.

Through the early implementation of the technology into the urban development process, the microclimatic performance of the area and thus a high life quality for the residents can be guaranteed.

Due to an incomplete open space planning, the focus of the assessment in this stage lays on the building structure and surfaces.


Through the implementation of NBS (Nature Based Solutions) the thermal performance can be improved significant.



The developed masterplan, which is influenced by suggestions out of neighborhood talks made by the Gebietsbetreuung Wien in the years 2015 and 16, is now the base for the starting re-zoning procedure.

In the following detail planning stage it’s possible to optimize the area regarding the performance of microclimate, water retention and cost/benefits through pinpoint implementations of NBS by the GREENpass® Full Assessment.

Start of construction will be in 2020.






Author: Florian KRAUS, BSc