Project completed:


The workshop launched by the Biotope City foundation and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) with international contributions, came up with related discussions and many important recommendations on fire protection and greening. Wanting to progress further and being gathered together in one place, the expert participants were able to agree further steps and specific directions. The contributions and a summary conclusion are published on BIOTOPE CITY’s web magazine.


Imgard Eder: Fire protection in Vienna, Thorwald Brandwein: Living walls and fire,  Harrie van Helmond: Experience with greening and fire safety in the Netherlands, Lucie Le Chaudelec: Vertical greening in Paris, Dusty Gedge: Experiences from London, Georg Pommer: Rules and Norms for greening technologies on buildings, Maarten de Groot: Fire safety and green walls, Vera Enzi: EFB Kontext: the EU Green Infrastructure Strategy, Bernhard Scharf: Urban green from a microclimatic perspective.



Fire Protection + Green in Vienna


Partners (2):

Biotope City Network,

University of Applied Life Sciences and Natural Resources,