Gravel turfs – blooming parking places

Project completed:

09/2006 – 08/2009



The aim of the EU-funded Green Concrete project was to develop a scientifically sound recommendation for the construction of gravel turf, based on natural gravel or recycled building materials, and to clearly define such a product. 12 partners from science and industry compiled the results in a public information platform in three languages. The platform presents and demonstrates components (e.g. building materials, seed mixes etc.), building techniques (e.g. construction systems) as well as economic and ecological effects. Gravel turf represents an easy-to-install, cost-efficient and climate effective surface consolidation.


Future Steps:

Green4Cities is looking forward to providing ideas and consultation in the planning and implementation of gravel turf projects.





Partners (12):

Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Institute of Soil-Bionengineering www.baunat.boku/iblb.html, Fachhochschule Erfurt, University of applied Life Sciences, www.fh-erfurt.de, Bavarian School of Gardening and Viticulture www.lwg.bayern.de,  Ökotechna GmbH  www.oekotechna.at, Böhm GmbH http www.boehmtec.com, Hollitzer GmbH www.cemex.at, Marx AG www.marx.at, Dal Farra I. & G. GmbH, Höbn GmbH, Kalkwerk Herbsleben GmbH www.kalkwerk-herbsleben.de, Würzburger Kompostierung GmbH, Österreichischer Baustoff Recycling Verband www.brv.at


Figures and Pictures: