Development of a planning and certification tool for Green Infrastructure

Project under construction:

09/2012 – 08/2015


This project aims to develop an evaluation method and urban planning tool that is able to calculate, visualize and explain the challenges and opportunities of urban areas (from cities to single buildings). It also aims to suggest ways to integrate GI into the existing urban fabric, in order to reduce negative impacts on local microclimate, such as nocturnal heat island and surface water flooding, and to achieve this with minimum input of resources. It combines micro-climatic and meso-climatic modeling systems and was developed through international case studies under very different climatic conditions: London, Hong Kong, Vienna, Cairo and Santiago de Chile

Future Steps:

New modelling technologies will be software-integrated and therefore easier for planners to use.



Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz www.uni-mainz.de

Universität Kassel www.uni-kassel.de

Universität für Bodenkulutr Wien https://iblb.boku.ac.at/

Universität Bonn www.uni-bonn.de

Technische Universität Graz www.tugraz.at

WSGreenTechnologies www.wernersobek.de

Sekem Energy www.sekemenergy.com

Techmetall Handels- und Vertriebs GesmbH www.gruenwand.at



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