GreenSkin – Innovative mass-market integrated living wall façade-construction systems

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Project content:

As generally accepted, cities worldwide need more “Green” to cope with heat waves and to provide a sufficient standard of living. However, currently available living wall systems are very costly and technically limited. Therefore, the market is waiting for cost-effective and technically mature solutions. The complementary skill bases of the partners involved in this project do not only allow groundbreaking new designs for Living walls as an integral component of facades but also provides a worldwide network.

GreenSkin is a living wall system, fully integrated into the typical façade installation processes (rear ventilated facades RVF, External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems ETICS) which make it possible to install the system very cost-effectively by generating an immediate green-effect on the façade. A key objective of GreenSkin is to integrate a living wall element into the design and structure of facades to make them more sustainable and attractive in design.

The GreenSkin living wall system will solve the three main problems of all currently available living walls. Weight, irrigation and the price/performance ratio.

  • Fully waterlogged maximum 40 kg/m²
  • Use of grey – and fresh water
  • Complete new developed irrigation system with no use of drip tubes
  • Intelligent sensor control and monitoring
  • Longstanding research for the best selection of plants

The eight GreenSkin partners want to make cities greener worldwide and therefore deliver the first mass-market green façade solutions. The innovation potential is increased by the complementary expertise of the partners. Synergies in the interaction of production and construction are identified and realized.


Funding programme: Fifth call Eurostars-2 Eurostars-2 Cut-Off Date 5 (FFG)

Project duration: 2016/10 – 2019/08



Green4Cities (Initiator and Project-coordinator) www.green4cities.com

University of Natural Ressources and Life Sciences, Vienna www.boku.ac.at

Slavonia, SME partner www.slavonia.at

Tatwort, SME partner  www.tatwort.at

Optigrün AG, SME partner www.optigruen.de

MAGU, SME partner www. magu.de

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz www.uni-mainz.de

University Bonn, www.uni-bonn.de


Author: Johannes Anschober