GRÜNgeWANDt 2.0 – Austrian Conference on Living Walls

Project completed:



In 2013, Vienna hosted a conference at the Technical University of Vienna on living walls, under the Department of Environmental Protection Vienna’s Eco Buy Vienna framework (MA 22), and with the Austrian Green Roof Association and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. At this event, the new guide to greening façades was launched and presentations were made on various current issues such as the urban microclimate, pollutant deposition, construction engineering, irrigation engineering, rainwater management, urban farming, the aesthetic improvement and attractiveness of public space, green façades in planning and design practice, ecological function and ecological networks, as well as existing vertical living wall systems in a global context.

During the conference, various manufacturers presented their systems in a small exhibition and answered questions. The event was aimed at architects, developers, landscape architects, system manufacturers, researchers, students and interested citizens. About 400 people attended the conference, and all contributions are available online for free download.

Future Steps:

Green4Cities aims to support, organize and participate in future expert conferences on this topic.






Partners (3):

EcoBuy Vienna, https://www.wien.gv.at/english/environment/klip/pdf/ecobuy.pdf

Department of Environmental Protection Vienna,https://www.wien.gv.at/umweltschutz/

Verband für Bauwerksbegrünung, http://gruenstattgrau.at/