DI Lisa Maria Enzenhofer


First name(s) / Surname(s) Lisa Maria Enzenhofer

E-mail lisa.enzenhofer@green4cities.com

Lisa Maria Enzenhofer is an architect, landscape architect and acknoledged expert in experience and climate design. She ist Creative Director and partner of Green4Cities GmbH and member of Breathe Earth Collective. Before she co-founded ecosphere.institute together with Bernhard König, which merged with Green4Cities in Vienna to form a unique competence center for green infrastructure and nature based solutions in Europe. With recent projects like the Austrian Expo Pavillon 2020 Dubai, Czech forestry headquarter or the new IKEA Vienna 3 she creates lightposts in new ways of linking ecology, climate and architecture. Awarded with UNESCO and Cities of Design ‚Shenzhen Grand Design Award for Young Talents‘ among others.