BIOTOPE CITY CCA – The city becomes a biotope

Fig.: Biotope City Caption: Groundbreaking planning concept for more green and more comfortable living:Biotope City CCA Vienna © schreinerkastler.at

Fotos model: © RLP Rüdiger Lainer + Partner

Fotos simulation model: © Green4Cities


Project Content:

Climate change, increasing environmental pollution, and growing social heterogeneity pose enormous social, societal, and economic challenges for Austrian cities. Just adapting the existing infrastructure is devouring huge sums. How can these challenges be successfully managed?

The answer is Biotope City, a concept developed by the Dutch Foundation Biotope City that pursues exactly this goal. Even the master plan of this recently launched project – a neighbourhood of 950 housing units on the Coca-Cola® company premises in Vienna – is centered entirely around the idea of the city as a part of nature.


The sum of all these measures is greener than its parts

The developers and all those involved in the planning, implementation, and subsequent use of the housing units have agreed to take differentiated and coordinated urban greening measures. Like this, the project serves as a role model for urban greening and has an impact beyond the city boundaries. The focus is on the implementation of integral Biotope City quality criteria, which describe the multiple functions of greening and contribute specifically to increasing residents’ quality of life.

This project demonstrates how innovative methods can be tested that aim at estimating the effects and costs of the vegetation; integral and collaborative planning processes can be developed; urban principles for “living” design elements can be adapted; and new paths can be taken in urban greening together with residents.


Detecting and preventing obstacles

An exploratory study identifies potential obstacles and generates proposals for eliminating them structurally. To do this, the project team investigates to what extent the elimination of greening measures can be prevented at an early planning stage if the climatic effects and planting costs are made predictable and can be estimated with the aid of the latest numerical calculation methods.

The conditions of urban climate, ecology, and social realities are constantly changing. By adapting objectives, policies, rules, and processes for urban greening measures, this project offers the unique opportunity to participate in shaping these trends.


For greener cities of the future.




A Biotope City Quartier for Vienna http://www.biotope-city.net



Author: Bernhard Scharf, CTO