Stadslab Utrecht: “Look beyond your horizon”

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“Look beyond your horizon”

On Saturday, September 24th Stadslab organized a voyage of discovery to the unprecedented possibilities for a new and larger centre of Utrecht.

Bernhard Scharf (GREEN4CITIES) together with Helga Fassbinder‎ (BIOTOPE CITY) were talking about the future and the larger centre of Utrecht city´s skyline which will change dramatically.

But how and in what way?

In inspiring workshops and exciting activities it was possible to “look beyond the horizon”.
G4C together with Biotpe City were talking how to realize a dense urban area in the nature and which changes in climate and the environment require a strategy so that the city and the nature can accord together optimally.

It was an inspiring event about the huge new urban expansion plans of the city. Biotope City pointed out the concept of ‘city as nature’ and showed the planning of the ‘Biotope City Quarter’ in Vienna.

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