STATION BY FONATSCH meets GREEN4CITIES – ready for a smart future!

Visualisation: STATION BY FONATSCH with extensive green roof (Green4Cities)

Video: STATION BY FONATSCH (Fonatsch) | Photos: Realization process (Green4Cities) and greened bus station (Fonatsch)


Project content:


The Fonatsch GmbH from Melk has improved the classic bus station with a new project, “Station by Fonatsch”. This smart design shelter is equipped with photovoltaic, completely energy self-sufficient and it’s roof is now greened.

The produced energy operates the lighting and information board, and optional an USB charging port, a Wi-Fi hotspot or an e-bike charging station.


But what is a smart bus station without a greenroof?



For this reason, a specially tuned greening was designed and realized with Green4Cities GmbH. This combines the innovative and eco-friendly advantages of the station by Fonatsch with the positive ecological and sustainable effects of a green roof.

An extensive with sedum planted green roof has been drafted by recycled products of the company Dachgrün and was realized by Green4Cities GmbH.

This combination of distinctive social, economical and ecological advantages contribute positively to issues surrounding climate change, flooding, biodiversity and sustainable urban development.


Left in the gallery you can find pictures from the realization of the bus greenery and a short video about the STATION by FONATSCH …






Author: Johannes Anschober, BSc