Green Active Building Network Qualification

Project completed:

10/2012 – 09/2014

Project Content:

The impacts of global climate change are forcing planning professions to (re)act and develop new approaches and solutions for buildings and urban design.

New technologies to optimize the energy balance of buildings, including their effect on their immediate surroundings, are not employed often enough, even though they could make a major contribution to increasing the resilience and attractiveness of urban landscapes. One of the main obstacles identified was the existence of horizontal distribution chains but not vertical and lateral networks that included all parties involved.  The qualification network Green Active Building project developed a curriculum specific to professionals such as architects and landscape architects, facilities managers, energy, lighting, water and ventilation engineers, landscape contractors, building certification bodies, and related networks such as the Zero Emissions Building Association and Plus-Energy House.

The main target group for this knowledge transfer is management level professionals. The course transfers new approaches for building design, focusing on the integration of new technologies such as faҫade-integrated greening, photovoltaic systems, LED lighting, misting technologies, watering control units, green roofs, permeable pavements and improving their relationship to traditional skill sectors as well as their connection to each other.

A constant multilateral knowledge transfer between scientists and professionals (16 industry and science partners) helped to optimize and evaluate the curriculum. The course consists of a core knowledge module (with a metalevel focus on city environments) and a specific knowledge module (building level). The participating professionals and scientists applied the new know-how in a joint case study. An innovative training centre for renewable energy in lower Austria, Sollenwelt Grossschoenau acted as  host for the lighthouse project: green roof, greening of internal and external façades, combined with a photovoltaic system, LED lighting, permeable pavements facilitated by a sustainable water management approach. The Green Active Building knowledge transfer program will be provided to interested professionals around the world, to improve the quality and resilience of urban landscapes and the networking of the professions involved, as well as strengthening the green branch.

Future Steps:

Green4Cities offers consultation and training activities for Green Active Building technologies, in cooperation with former project partners.



Partners (16):

90DEGreen www.90degreen.com (Green Walls),
Architekten Ronacher ZT www.architekten-ronacher.at (Architect),
ATB Becker www.atb-becker.eu (Photovoltaic),
ECOPLUS www.ecoplus.at (Cluster),
Eipeldauer www.eipeldauer.at (Horticulture),
Fricke www.fricke.at (Green Roofs),
Grünplan www.gruenplan.at  (Project Controlling, Landscape Planning),
Hydrip www.hydrip.at (Irrigation),
Kraeftner www.buerokraeftner.at  (Landscapearchitect),
OE-Tronic www.oe-tronic.com  (LED Lighting),
Raintime www.raintime.at (Irrigation, Misting),
Sonnenplatz Grossschoenau www.probewohnen.at  (Training Centre on Energy),
Steinbauer Development www.steinbauer.co.at (Paving),
Techmetall www.gruenwand.at (Green Walls),
Technical University of Vienna, bi.ht www.bauwesen.tuwien.ac.at (Building Physics),
University of Life Sciences Vienna, IBLB http://www.baunat.boku.ac.at/iblb  (Green Walls and Roofs),
Austrian Green Roof and Wall Association VfB www.gruenstattgrau.at

Project Images:

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