Transfer of Innovation II – UP! On the Roof

Project in progress:

12/2013 –  11/2015

Project Content:

Biosolar roofs bring all the benefits of green roofs and solar power into play, in a synergy of technologies. Green roofs are good tools for achieving storm-water management, a longer life for roof membranes, lower energy costs, mitigation of the urban heat island effect, habitat for urban wildlife, amenity value, aesthetics and marketing. Green roofs deliver multiple benefits, and primary drivers tend to be economic, through additonal insulation or more significantly, the reduction of heat flow into buildings during hot weather, reducing energy costs. Now more than ever, the need for energy efficiency will see a significant increase in the global demand for green roofs. A skilled workforce is required to supply demand and this project aims to achieve this.

We seek to develop and teach a green roof solution that both accommodates solar electric panels (further reducing energy cost) but which also stimulates urban wildlife, in particular pollinators. Growing awareness of the global decline in honey bee populations is an important factor for stimulating action on pollinators. Any contribution to offset this problem contributes to general well-being. Researchfrom the indicates every third mouthful of a European diet has been pollinated by the honeybee. Unless addressed, the decline in honeybee populations threatens the food chain.

Green roofs offer numerous benefits. Broadly, they help reduce building heating/cooling costs, stimulate urban biodiversity, help manage intensive rainfall and increase urban green spaces. The North American market grew by 115% in 2011, with 16M sq ft installed in that year alone.


– Reaching out with first class information to other organisations that promote the use of solar electric panels and expanded/improved habitats for pollinators, especially solitary bees

– More qualified contractors and professionals in the fields of biodiversity, green roofs and solar power installation

– Increase the uptake of biodiverse green roofs and solar panels in Europe

– A conference to provide the results and promote the unique solar and biodiverse roof approach. Currently this is planned for October 2015

– Creating a niche market for biodiverse green roofs combined with solar electric panels in Europe.

– Providing a mechanism for biodiversity and energy production at roof level to interface with the EU Green Infrastructure and Ecosystems Services policy and Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy policies that are part of current EU Commission policy.

– Increasing the use of roofs, especially in urban areas, for pollinators, particularly rare solitary bees and bumblebees.

Future Steps:

Green4Cities seeks to implement teaching activities in the field of biosolar roofing in Austria. We will also be supporting other training facilities around Europe to implement this.







Partners (7):

Institute of Soil and Bioengineering University of Life Sciences Vienna AT http://www.baunat.boku.ac.at/iblb

INIT environment FR www.init-environnement.com

Sound Garden HU

On Site Training UK www.onsitetraininguk.co.uk

LiNK Sociedad ES http://www.eniac.org.es/

Scandinavian Green Roof Institute SE www.greenroof.se

College of Applied Sciences Zurich, CH www.zhaw.ch

Endorser: European Green Roof and Wall Federation, EFB www.efb-greenroof.eu

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