Fire Station Graz East


Competition, 1st place


dreiplus Architekten ZT GmbH
GBG Gebäude- und Baumanagement Graz GmbH

dreiplus Architekten ZT GmbH

Team G4C
Bernhard König, Michela Thaler, Greta Weifner


A new replacement building is being constructed in the previous location of the East Fire Station, in an inner courtyard on Dietrichsteinplatz. The new vehicle hall will occupy almost the entire first floor and will be designed as a concrete base for the office and recreation rooms above it in wood panel construction.

Along the facade facing the inner courtyard, a large-volume plant trough is formed as the canopy of the base floor, from which a rope-bound façade greening with dense underplanting structures the facade.

Rainwater and microclimate

The roof provides over 600 kWh of cooling power on a hot day, the facade even over 710 kWh. This energy cools and protects the building and noticeably improves the microclimate. This increases the quality of living and reduces overheating at night. The retention roof, plant trough and intensive planting on the facade are able to absorb and store 100% of the annual precipitation.


In the previous location of the East Fire Station, in an inner courtyard on According to the principle of urban mining, the demolition material from the existing fire station is to be used to backfill the excavation pit and to produce planting and storage substrates. For this purpose, the brick material will be crushed, mixed with sands and compost according to requirements, and reinstalled.